Hi!  I’m Evan Closser, a musician based in and around New York City.  I’m a classically trained pianist and organist, though lately I’ve enjoyed branching out to as many new genres as possible!  I also play and teach as many other string and wind instruments as I can get my hands on. I maintain a private studio, tune pianos, provide session work, and perform regularly in the greater New York area.


I have been teaching privately for more than ten years. I believe in a well-rounded, all-inclusive approach to studying music. This includes learning to use our ears as well as our eyes, and learning to play a variety of musical genres and styles. I also strive to develop in my students a functional understanding of music theory and history, and especially the ability to make the most out of their practice time! Though I maintain high expectations for my students, I am also fully committed to working with each student’s individual needs and interests to best maintain enthusiasm about the learning process.

Though I’m most comfortable behind a keyboard, my fascination with other instruments and cultures has driven me to learn to play an ever growing number of string and wind instruments.  This flexibility allows me to share experiences with my students that they would be unlikely to find from a traditional music lesson environment. I’ve come to realize that by giving my students ample opportunity to explore different genres and approaches I can better maintain excitement that ultimately translates to more self-motivated practicing between lessons!

Because every child’s interests and abilities are unique, occasionally a student may not fully resonate with their first instrument of choice.  No problem!  Fortunately my flexility allows me to switch gears and move forward with a better alternative.  Very often that new instrument choice lights a spark in the child that leads to years of learning and enjoyment! By constantly pushing myself to continue learning, I very much hope not only to pass along my life-long passion but also to empower my students with the tools they need for a lifetime of curiosity and self expression.

What my clients are saying

Evan Closser has been an excellent piano teacher to my children.  He has always found a way to meet my children where they are with empathy, kindness, and patience, all while motivating them to strive for excellence.  He has inspired and molded them into self-motivated, technically proficient, and artistic pianists who share his love of music.  In just three years, my oldest daughter has progressed from a complete beginner to a pianist able to master advanced and challenging compositions.

Evan is friendly and patient, and he uses a variety of approaches when teaching, tapping into each student’s interests and strengths. He regularly tries new approaches to keep their lessons fresh and stimulating.  He has always been responsive to my children’s unique needs and individual goals, and he has broadened their cultural awareness and imparted an abiding love of music to them.

Nicole B.

If you have the opportunity to study piano with Evan, sign up immediately. Don’t miss the opportunity. Evan has been teaching our son piano for roughly 5 years, and it has been a truly transformational experience. Classical pieces, rock, music composition…it’s all now part of our son’s repertoire. But most importantly, Evan’s ability to relate to young students, to inspire them, and leave them with new skills is amazing. He’s a mentor and role model. Music is now part of our daily life at home, and for that, we have Evan to thank.

Andrea M.

I first met Evan when he played as my accompanist for a violin exam. I began receiving private piano instruction from him shortly thereafter. I found that not only is he a fine pianist, his skills as a collaborator are excellent, and I enjoy working with him immensely. He is an exceptional teacher with an engaging style that is challenging but not discouraging. Furthermore, his range of musical knowledge and experience is vast, and he has been able to assist me in all manners of musical endeavors, from classical piano studies to music technology and production to jazz theory, and has continued to accompany me on occasion. Evan’s refreshing and exciting instruction has immensely improved not only my skills at the piano, but my understanding of music in general.

Avery S.

My 9-year-old son has been a student of Evan’s for several years, and we feel so lucky to have found him! Evan has an amazing combination of technical knowledge, musicianship and teaching ability that has kept Malcolm engaged and challenged since we started with him at 5 years old. When Malcolm wants to know how a part of the piano works, Evan will open it right up and show him. When he starts a new piece or a challenging section, Evan’s patience and ability to break things down helps my son to feel he can meet any challenge and be successful. He always brings a positive energy to Malcolm’s lessons, and handles any scheduling or logistical issues with professionalism and generosity of spirit. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Kate M.

Evan has been working and teaching my daughter for 3 years now. He is the perfect blend of fun and serious. He has a way with her that allows her to express her potential to the fullest. Evan is the reason that my little girl is playing at her current level and breaking barriers. Thank you Evan!!

Shilpa K.

Evan is an incredibly gifted and compassionate teacher. I’m an advanced guitar player, having learned by ear my entire life. After 30 years of “faking it” I decided to actually learn how music works, and decided to learn piano to help me bring it all together. I’ve researched teacher after teacher and my interactions with Evan have made a huge positive change in my musical understanding and ability. He is an absolute wealth of knowledge with the gift of delivering that knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand and act upon for learners no matter where they are at in their journey. I’m grateful for his guidance and mentorship!

Ryan L.

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